January 8, Challenge 8 #JanuaryJourney #ready

I used to be a Scrapbook Material Collector…. not a Scrapbooker, exactly, but a collector of the materials needed to make beautiful, professional-looking scrapbooks.  What kept me from making that leap from Collector to actual Scrapbooker was the desire for perfection.  I would stare at the blank page and fear that the final product would not be as great as I wanted it to be… and I would get stuck, and not finish the page.  Anyone else out there like that?

As for my latest project, this blog, I had this grand plan about staying a day ahead on posts, so that they could be published at midnight for that day.  Well, I did that the first night… and then life happened.  And here I am, barely making today’s post in time after a full day of chasing toddlers and working tonight.  So the challenge is to just continue… not to stop because it isn’t the perfect picture I had in my mind, but to continue with my goal and my challenges to myself.

January 8, Challenge 8:  Stick with it!  Are there things that you really need to do, but you procrastinate because you fear the finished product or end result won’t be exactly as you would like?  The challenge is to just do it!  If you know it’s something you need to do, do your best and be okay with the result.

The hand of the diligent shall bear rule   Proverbs 12:24

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