31 for 41: Why I Stand

Dear Donovan, In 2001, during my senior year at UNC-Chapel Hill, I spent spring break on the Cherokee Reservation in North Carolina.  A group of students was there to do service projects, and one of our conversations had been around the efforts to preserve and revive the beautiful Cherokee language.  One day, a lady whoContinue reading “31 for 41: Why I Stand”

3 Reminders from 4th of July past

July 4, 1998–tiny town in southern Bolivia Only three people in town were celebrating the 4th of July as a significant date–the three young American girls living in Colon Sur for our summer/their winter.  By day, we visited the adobe homes of some of the most hospitable and resilient people I have ever met, helpingContinue reading “3 Reminders from 4th of July past”