31 for 41: What You Will Be

Dear Donovan, There was once a wise man who visited a school as a guest speaker.  During this man’s presentation, a high school student kept talking, making jokes, and generally being disrespectful.  After the presentation, the school administrator apologized for the unruly student’s behavior, and offered to bring the teenage boy to the speaker soContinue reading “31 for 41: What You Will Be”

Three reasons why I’m glad I didn’t march in Washington

These remarks are being quickly but thoughtfully posted by a mother of 10-month old twins and a 14-year old.  The research behind my remarks occurs between diaper changes, washing dishes, and ball games.  With time, I hope that my remarks will become more polished, and that they will resonate with others.  For now, this isContinue reading “Three reasons why I’m glad I didn’t march in Washington”