31 for 41: Talents and Trophies

Dear Donovan, When you were in preschool, I came to pick you up one day and a teacher met me at the door.  “I need to tell you about something that Donovan is doing.”  That statement often means that the child is in trouble, so I braced myself to hear what had happened. “Donovan canContinue reading “31 for 41: Talents and Trophies”

31 for 41: Work and Welfare

Dear Donovan, The picture attached to today’s letter is the day at the Copperheads baseball game when you collected enough foul balls to trade them for a cracked wooden bat.  I remember someone jokingly asking me if they could take you with them to buy lottery tickets, as you were seemingly having a very luckyContinue reading “31 for 41: Work and Welfare”

31 for 41: The System and the Servant

Dear Donovan, When you were in fourth grade, I think it was, you came home upset one day.  Your strong sense of justice had been offended.  You had labored over a practice end-of-grade test with the promise of an ice cream party for the class who scored the best on the practice exam.  You achievedContinue reading “31 for 41: The System and the Servant”

31 for 41: When I grow up

Dear Donovan, When I was in high school, I thought I wanted to be a doctor.  That’s why I minored in Chemistry and worked with a surgeon in the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2000.  My path seemed to be set, but I struggled with doubts about whether or not I would be happyContinue reading “31 for 41: When I grow up”