After the Solar Eclipse, 3 Reminders about God

GOD’S CREATION DECLARES HIS GLORY Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. That verse says it!  The stunning views of Earth’s moon passing in front of our solar system’s Sun, via NASA today, took my breath away.  My understanding of it all is limited…the sheer size of bothContinue reading “After the Solar Eclipse, 3 Reminders about God”

3 Reminders from 4th of July past

July 4, 1998–tiny town in southern Bolivia Only three people in town were celebrating the 4th of July as a significant date–the three young American girls living in Colon Sur for our summer/their winter.  By day, we visited the adobe homes of some of the most hospitable and resilient people I have ever met, helpingContinue reading “3 Reminders from 4th of July past”

3 Ways to Love a Single Mom this Valentine’s Day

Tell Her the Truth I was a single mom for eleven years, and for me, that meant I had a collection of eleven years’ worth of negative messages in my head that I battled.  From friends who are single mothers, I found out that many of them had the same battle.  Here are a fewContinue reading “3 Ways to Love a Single Mom this Valentine’s Day”

Three things that December taught January

January is the time when many of us look to the past for lessons that will shape our resolutions for a new year.  December 2016 brought some unexpected and unwelcomed events for my family, but I do welcome the lessons learned that are now shaping how I view this new year before me.  With oneContinue reading “Three things that December taught January”

Three reasons why I’m glad I didn’t march in Washington

These remarks are being quickly but thoughtfully posted by a mother of 10-month old twins and a 14-year old.  The research behind my remarks occurs between diaper changes, washing dishes, and ball games.  With time, I hope that my remarks will become more polished, and that they will resonate with others.  For now, this isContinue reading “Three reasons why I’m glad I didn’t march in Washington”