January 6, Challenge 6 #JanuaryJourney #ready

I was sitting in a meeting with professionals who serve families in crisis.  A psychologist was talking about factors that help children to be resilient in the face of terrible circumstances.  I really respected what this woman had to say, as she had years of experience counseling children, and conducted forensic interviewing of children who had been sexually assaulted.

Then I heard her say, “The thing that seems to help children be resilient after trauma, more than anything, is having the unconditional love of a mother.”  It hit me… that’s why I made it.  Second only to God’s grace, I believe, having my mom’s unconditional love was what helped me to survive and experience success as a young person, in spite of intense internal struggles.

So, as the premise of this challenge to myself is to take care of business as if I might not see February, I certainly need to make sure my mom knows how I view her.

January 5, Challenge 5:  Hold a Mirror up to your Mom!  Symbolically, what I mean is communicate to your mom how you see her.  Tell her what you think when you think of her and what she means to you.  Or for you, maybe it’s a stepmom, a grandmother, or your dad, etc., who has been that one constant throughout your life.  Make sure they know how you view them!

My mom had me at sixteen, and from my earliest memories with her, she was always loving, guiding, protective, and sacrificial.  We didn’t always have a nice place to live, but what I have ALWAYS had is her constant and unconditional love.  I have never doubted that love, and many times in my life, that love has made things “okay” when otherwise nothing would seem okay.

Mama, I know I’m the reason you have so often been tired, broke, or worried, but thank you for loving me anyway, lol!  Even this week, you have risked getting sick and endured a sleepless night to help me survive the simultaneous sickness of two toddlers and my husband.  You’re just always there for me… constant love and support.

You are beautiful to me, and I know I am truly blessed of God to have you as my mother.  I wish you could truly see yourself as I see you.  I love you, mama!

Her children arise up, and call her blessed   Proverbs 31:28

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